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We practice law since 1994, and we are specialized in: Corporate and Commercial Law, Project Development (especially in Tourism), Debt collection, bankruptcy and reorganization, Employment Law, Real Estate and Housing (Habitation) Law , Energy Sector, Banking and Financial Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property Law, Data Protection, Competition Law
Our team


Tamara Durutović

Practicing law since 1987, attorney- at- law since 1994.
Mob: +382 67 784 754

Biljana Vuksanović

Practicing law since 1989, judge since 2000 until 2013, attorney- at- law since 2014.
Mob: +382 67 206 218

Anja Kraljević

Practicing law since 2007, attorney- at -law since 2010.
Mob: +382 67 643 773


Emilija Durutović

Served as a Supreme Court judge for over 20 years and her practice covered all aspects of Commercial Law.

What we do

Practice Areas

We are especially skilled in the following practice areas:

Corporate and Commercial Law

We regularly conduct comprehensive due diligences for different industries and businesses, national and cross-border, privatizations, corporate planning and restructuring. Our corporate services include the formation and dissolution of LLCs and corporations, business contracts for services and products, mergers and acquisitions, commercial leases, human resources, employment relations and policies, and other business management matters.

Banking and Financial Law

We provide wide aspect of services in banking and finance. We have experience in setting up of financial institutions in Montenegro, as well as in relation to variety of corporate lending and loan markets and compliance with general financial regulation.

Debt collection, bankruptcy and reorganization

We conduct enforcement proceedings, seizing the debtor's claims against third parties, file claims in bankruptcy, advise and represent the bankruptcy debtor and bankruptcy creditors, conduct procedures for the determination of disputed claims, the secured and separated rights, contest legal affairs that the debtor has disposed of the property.
Furthermore, we advise in the preparation of reorganization plans, collect claims established by the plan, exercise the rights of creditors to be informed on the course of the reorganization.

Civil Law

We represent clients in courts, out-of-court and arbitrary proceedings in front of domestic and international courts and arbitrary chambers, as well as other governmental authorities providing legal services in different areas of civil law, including the area of the law of obligations, property law, family law, inheritance law, etc.

Employment Law

We assist the companies to develop policies and procedures that provide constructive employee relations and reduce potential workplace risk and liabilities. Based on our wide experience in this area, we are able to develop and implement practical solutions to legislative and regulatory changes. Our services include drafting internal employment by-laws, drafting employment contracts, drafting management agreements, advising clients throughout the procedure for termination of employment agreement and other procedures related to the status of the employee and drafting of necessary documentation, representing in labour litigations and labour arbitrations

Family Law

A significant part of the work of the practice is dedicated to the proceedings related to family relations with a special emphasis on the protection of children’s interests. In addition to the active efforts on a peaceful and consensual solution, the office represents the clients in the following procedures: divorces, parental rights exercises, child support, division of the property, etc.

Intellectual property law

Our main services are: search, registration and protection of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, transfer of rights, representation before the Intellectual Property Office, counselling in the area of copyright.

Project development (especially in Tourism)

We provide services regarding: regulations of co-investors relations, legal support during the design, contract on construction verification of documents during real estate transaction, legal support in finding infrastructure and utility solutions, legal consulting related to business operation and management solutions and preparation of necessary documentation and infrastructure solutions utilities

Energy sector

We provide consulting regarding the issues in energy sector, specially having in mind renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

Data Protection

Data security is becoming a primary concern for governments and businesses around the world. Our services in this area include, but are not limited to: legal counselling in the field of the collection, processing, keeping and the security of personal data, legal counselling regarding the possibilities for data transfer from Montenegro, legal counselling on the issues of processing particularly sensitive data, legal counselling in the field of employees’ privacy rights, representation in this area before the Personal Data Protection Administration , public administration bodies and courts

Real Estate and Housing (Habitation) Law

We provide wide number of services including preparation of a contract on the sale of real estate, mortgage statement, the registration of changes in the real estate cadastre, due diligence, leasing of commercial and residential real estate, regulation co-investors relations, contracts on construction, legal support during the design, verification of documents during real estate transactions.
Realization of mortgage, protection of the debtor in hypothec sales when improperly determined value of real estate.
Counselling in respect of maintenance of real estate (facility management).
Constitutive and other documents for the Assembly of residential buildings, contracts on joint maintenance of apartment buildings, the legal aspects of the organization of system of maintenance of buildings, collection of claims, legal support in editing neighbourly relations. Compensation for damages arising in connection with neighbourly relations. Indemnity claims by investors.
We are specialized in: purchase and leasing consulting, due diligence, preparation of SPA, preparation of documents relating to condominium assembly and of the housing and residential matters.

Competition Law

We provide consultation in area of the Competition Law, evaluation of the agreements between market participants, legal consultation especially tailored to client’s needs regarding abuse of the dominant market position; preparation of various requests of the market participants.

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